I’ve been part of a catholic choir group for many years as a singer and musician, praising and worshiping our Almighty God. During that time, I’ve collected a lot of songs resources, lyrics and chords that we used for the worship service and for the Holy Mass.

Searching for songs and its lyrics/chords can be a long process, so I was thinking for a way to make this tasks easier to others and also that those resources can be useful to the community.

I’ve created “Time to Worship” website where you can find christian songs, lyrics and chords and others resources. I will share most of my findings, my favorites joyful and worship songs and many more.

You can find music videos, video tutorials, lyrics in different languages (english, tagalog, french…), piano/guitar chords and arrangements, all from your favorite artists and worship bands (Hillsong, Musikatha, New Creation Church, …).

Time to Worship website : https://www.timetoworship.net

May this be helpful to you as it is to me.

To God be the Glory!